1 on 1 Health Coaching

1 on 1 Health Coaching

You're ready to take your health seriously.  It's time to get off the diet rollercoaster and to make some real, lasting changes that get results.  Without all of the guilt, shame and hard work.  I can make it simple, easy, and dare I say, fun.



"I feel like I"m on autopilot".  

Haven't we all felt that way?  The busyness of life takes over and your day doesn't seem like your own.  You'd love to make healthy changes in your life, but where should you start?  

This is where I come in.  

After our initial meeting where I learn about your goals, your history and who you are as a person, we'll get to work!  I'll come up with a fully customized plan to get you looking and feeling so much better.

What to Expect

In our first session, we'll lay out your goals for the next 6 months and then I'll come up with the steps to get you there.  You'll leave that 1st session with 1 or 2 simple and easy changes to make for the next 2 weeks.  (Sounds too easy, right?)

Then we'll meet every 2 weeks for the next 6 months.   With each meeting, we'll add some more changes.  It's amazing the results you'll see at the end of those 6 months.     


Why Health Coaching Works

Why Health Coaching Works
  • Accountability.  It's so powerful to have someone to answer to.  This is the #1 reason why health coaching works.  You'll follow through on your actions - or else you have to answer to me!
  • No more guessing on what are the best steps for you to take.  We'll figure out together the best way for you to eat, exercise and deal with stress!
  • Sometimes it's hard for you to see what's really going on.  I can be an objective eye to see the real reason you haven't gotten results in the past.  It may not be what you think it is.
Why Health Coaching Works


You're serious about making changes in your life that will make you feel lighter, healthier and better than you've felt in years!

You're tired of fad or deprivation diets and exercise programs that work in the short term but aren't sustainable and leave you feeling like a failure and discouraged.

You're open to trying new things.  If you want a different outcome, you need to try new things that may be outside of your comfort zone.


Health Coaching May Not Be a Good Fit If....

You don't want to try anything new.  You know exactly what you need to do to feel better, just eat less and exercise more. 

You're not ready to make changes in your life. 





You're ready to take back control of your health and your life.  Click below to schedule a free call with Jen to see if health coaching is right for you.  You're under no obligation to start, let's see if we're a good fit to work together!



When I started health coaching with Jennifer I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I discovered was a whole different way to approach living my life. I have learned that to lead a healthy life I need to look beyond just physical health and address the other issues that impact it – environment, stress, the foods I choose to eat, finances, exercise and mindfulness. Jennifer has given me the tools to do just that and, as a result, I feel better, am far less stressed and have lost more than 30 pounds (without dieting!). I will continue to use these tools every day as I go forward. I can’t tell you how grateful I am and how glad I am that I made the commitment.

Susan M.

After unsuccessfully trying to understand and apply the plethora of health and nutrition information (much of it conflicting) available I finally found what I've needed for a long time. Jen's holistic health and nutrition coaching incorporates the belief that we are all individuals that need individual approaches for healthy living. She compiles information from many sources, filters out the noise, and breaks it down into actionable and manageable pieces that make sense to me. This is something that I just could not do on my own. At the almost halfway point in my program I have already begun to experience tangible benefits that include the confidence to make nutrition and lifestyle choices. I recommend this to anyone that wants to take control of and manage their own health.

Diane W.

Jen has helped me deal with long engrained eating patterns with new information about food and health choices. With gentle persistence, she continues to remind me of my goals. I highly recommend working with Jen as a Health Coach.

RuthAnn U.

Jen’s health coaching heightened my consciousness regarding my diet, exercise, and life choices. The one on one personalized approach she uses is extremely effective, resulting in what I hope is a life-long way of healthy living!

Anne C.


How long is the program?

6 months.  We meet every two weeks, either in person (at Vibrant Core in Richland, MI) or over FaceTime or the phone.

How much does 1 on 1 health coaching cost?

You have the option to pay per month ($400 a month) or you save $200 if you pay in full ($2200).

Does this program include a specific nutrition plan and workout program?

No.  Health coaching is customized for each person.  We'll figure out the best way for you to eat and exercise.  You'll make small, easy changes that add up to huge results over time!


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