3 Ingredient Energy Bites

dessert recipes snacks Aug 11, 2017

Craving Something Sweet?  

You crave something that’s a bit sweet, but isn’t going to give you a sugar high and then crash.  These little bites totally fit the bill. They only have 3 ingredients, so they’re super easy (and a bit fun) to whip together.  

My girls come running when they see me pull out the food processor and can’t wait to help make these.  And the best part?  I feel good knowing that I can give them a “treat” that actually has some nutritional value.  

Healthy Ingredients

These bites contain dates which, even though they’re high in sugar, have a low glycemic load; cashews, which contain healthy fats and protein and dark chocolate which has lots of good for you antioxidants.  

3 – Ingredient Energy Bites 

1 cup Medjool dates (make sure you remove the pits)
1 cup raw cashews
2 oz. dark chocolate (72% cacao or higher)

Pit the dates and then roughly chop.  Add the dates and...

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