Fat is Your Friend

fat health Aug 09, 2017

Mindset Around Fat

It seems that every few years there is a new food or diet trend. For a long time, the no-fat craze was all the rage. We saw it on the shelves at the grocery store. You could buy low-fat, reduced fat, and fat-free versions of everything.

Remember Snackwells? I could eat a whole box of their devil’s food cookies in one sitting.

It made sense in theory: If you want to avoid getting fat you shouldn’t eat fat. Right? You are what you eat. Who wants to be fat?

Unfortunately this thinking was dead wrong. 

 Your body needs fat to function. If you cut out fat, you’ll be hungry all the time, and you could actually be harming your body and depriving it of nutrients that it needs.   

 Why We Need Fat
 As I mentioned, if you cut out fat, you’ll be hungry all the time. Guess what happens when you’re hungry? You eat—and not necessarily the good stuff your body needs. Eating enough fat (and fiber) helps with satiety...

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