My Favorite Way to Detox

I was talking to my Pilates client the other day (who will remain anonymous) and she was “confessing” that she had fallen off the healthy eating wagon.   Gull Meadow Farms donuts are in full effect! I can’t say that I haven’t been tempted…. Perhaps you can relate?

Which got me to thinking, what are the best ways to detox?

Honestly, when I think about going on a detox plan, I think of deprivation, not eating, drinking nothing but juices.  The thought of going on a detox program stresses me out!  (Which would totally defeat the whole purpose of the program!)

I’m not talking about going on a strict juice diet, or depriving yourself. What are the most helpful ways to gently get your body humming again?

My hands-down favorite way to detox is……


Take an Epsom salt bath.



Yep. Here’s why they're awesome:


Epsom Salt is hydrated magnesium sulfate. Most of us are actually deficient in...

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