Cashew Curry Hummus

nuts recipes snack vegan Aug 09, 2017

A Tasty Twist On Hummus

When I hear “raw vegan” my first thought is not “oh, how delicious”.  (I know that makes me a bad health coach, right?)  But this recipe might change all that.

I absolutely love this “hummus”.  In fact, it’s quite addicting.  But not to fret, it’s very good for you.  It’s made with raw cashews, which even though they’re high in fat, it’s monounsaturated -the good kind of fat.  It also contains curry powder, high in turmeric, which decreases inflammation.  This is totally made for celery sticks.  It’s a great snack to have mid-afternoon, when you just need to “crunch”.  

 Cashew Curry Hummus

1 cup of raw Cashews (soaked overnight)*

1 cup of raw Sunflower Seeds (soaked overnight)*

2 cloves Garlic

1⁄2 cup Raisins

1⁄2 T Cumin Powder

1⁄2 T Curry Powder

1⁄2 T Sea Salt

1⁄4 t ground cayenne pepper (optional)

1⁄2 cup of raw lemon Juice

1⁄2 cup of Olive Oil

1⁄2 cup of raw Tahini

a little bit of filtered water (optional)


Drain and rinse your soaked cashews and sunflower seeds. Set aside.

Place garlic cloves in food processor and chop until fine.

Add raisins, spices, sea salt and lemon juice and process until smooth.

Add the cashews, sunflower seeds, tahini and olive oil and blend until all ingredients are well combined.

Add up to 3/4 cup filtered water if hummus seems too thick.


*Why soak overnight?

The answer is two-fold.  Raw nuts and seeds contain higher levels of phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors.  Soaking the nuts and seeds brings the levels of phytic acid down and decreases the enzyme inhibitors which makes the nutrients found in the nuts and seeds more available.  Also, it softens the nuts and seeds which gives the hummus better consistency.  (win-win!)