Best You

Now is the time to take action to feel the best you've ever felt!  

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It's so easy to make a plan....

and just as easy to not stick to it.

Do you get caught up in all of the things you know you should do?  You're constantly thinking of how you should:

- start exercising

- eat better

- organize you house (and life!)

Stop Thinking.
Start Doing.

Yes, you need a plan, but....

You need to take action on that plan. 

Actually do the work.

Follow through.  

Be held accountable.

That's where change happens.

Welcome to Best You

A 12 week accountability program to take you from being unmotivated, confused and stuck to inspired, clear and awesome!

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What's Included

30 Minute Calls

Once you join, you'll schedule your initial call with Jen to outline your goals for this 12 weeks and the actions needed to achieve those goals.  There will be 2 additional 30 minute calls each 30 days (For a total of 3 calls).

Weekly Check-ins

Every Friday you'll have a 10 minute call to "check-in" on your progress for the week.  Did you do the actions you said you would?  Here's where your accountability come in!

Support Group

We'll be using an App and Facebook group to keep each other motivated and inspired during the week.  There's nothing like a supportive group of women to lift you up and celebrate your wins!


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