A Plan without Action is Useless.
Your Actions Create Your Results.

Welcome to the Accountability Advantage.

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We've all been there.

You're on the eve of the newest diet that your best friend just lost a bunch of weight on.  Your fridge is stacked with kale, you've sworn off sugar, flour, and anything else that tastes delicious. Your workout clothes are packed and your alarm is set.  Tomorrow is the start of the "new you".  

It works!  You stick with it for a week.  You start to feel better!

But then, 

Life Happens

You come down with a cold and you need those comfort foods.

You get so busy at work that you have no time to work out.

You're so tired of depriving yourself that you rebel and have that pizza and beer.

And one bad decision leads to another, and another, and another......

Before you know it, you're right back where you started and you feel like you failed once again.


What if this time is different?

Imagine this.....

 You wake up energized, rested and excited to conquer the day ahead.  You're finally putting yourself first.

You take time for yourself.  No longer are you reacting to everything else around you, you design your day for success.

You call up your accountability buddy and she helps keep you motivated.

You feel in control of your day.  You no longer feel like you're on autopilot.  Now you're controlling your life.

It's so much better.



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What's Inside the Accountability Advantage:

  • A 50 minute initial call with me to set up a customized plan for you to follow.
  • The latest cutting edge research on nutrition to keep your energy and metabolism up.
  • Daily videos with simple action items for you to implement that will take less than 10 minutes a day.
  • Accountability, motivation, love, inspiration and support from me and an incredible  group of women inside a secret Facebook group.
  • Goal setting and an action plan each Sunday to start your week off right.
  • An accountability buddy to hold you to your actions and goals each week.

Why This works:

I believe that everyone is truly unique.  This program helps you figure out exactly what works for you. 

There is also a crucial element missing from other programs as well. 

The emotional element. 

Because feelings win every time.  You may know something isn't good for you, but if it's a comfort mechanism or an unconscious habit, you're sunk. 

We help you address and change those unconscious habits, which gives amazing results!


You're a Right Fit for the Accountability Advantage if you're:

  • ready to make changes to make your life better.
  • not looking for a "quick fix".
  • supportive of other women "a rising tide lifts all boats."
  • ready to let go of old thoughts and beliefs that hold you back.

"I began work with Jen over a year ago and could not be happier with this program! She has given me positive reinforcement every step of the way and has really helped me see the larger picture....It not all just diet and exercise! Her extensive knowledge of the science of food and how it effects my weight or mood has really changed my view on daily food choices. She gears her program to helping your individual case because she understands her clients are not “one size fits all”. Coaching through her Accountability Advantage program has taught me that if I love myself and use the nutrition knowledge she has provided me with, then everything else will fall into place! Jen, you truly have a gift! "

Abby S.

"After unsuccessfully trying to understand and apply the conflicting health and nutrition information available, I finally found what I've needed for a long time. Jen incorporates the belief that we are all individuals that need individual approaches for healthy living. She compiles information from many sources, filters out the noise, and breaks it down into actionable and manageable pieces that make sense to me. This is something that I just could not do on my own. I recommend working with Jen to anyone that wants to take control of and manage their own health."

Diane W.

"I was having trouble starting and staying on my healthy journey. The Accountability Advantage has been life changing for me. Doing the email on Sunday night helps me plan my week and lets someone else know my goals. After a few weeks I was stuck and again speaking with Jen helped. She is a fabulous resource and has great tools. I would highly recommend this course and Jen. She knows what to do to help and motivate."

Andrea G.

There's no risk!

This is a monthly membership.  Want to try it out, but not sure if it'll be a right fit?  If it's not for you, I'll happily return your money within 30 days.  After that, you can cancel at any time.

About Jen

I left the food industry to help make a difference in women's health.  After becoming a pilates instructor and opening my own studio I noticed that my clients all had similar struggles with regards to food.  They were confused about what to eat, how much, and when.  I also wanted to know the best way to feed myself and my family for the greatest health.  I became a certified health coach, and it was a perfect match!  My nutrition background, coupled with the food science and the pilates gave me so many tools to draw upon.  Here's the thing.... we are all unique and what works for me might not work for you.  However, there are some universal truths that work for anyone.  Food processing is really harmful and the way that we eat now is not good.  I will show you how to eat, and most importantly hold you accountable for those changes.  That's where the magic happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I don't know where to start.  Will this help me?

A.  That's why the first thing included in the Accountability Advantage is a 50 minute call with me.  After answering some questions, I can help you make a gameplan customized for you.  We'll come up with some easy action steps for you take!  


Q.  I really need help with figuring out what to eat.  Will this help with that?

A.  Yes!  There are lessons in the site that cover meal planning, fat, protein, and sugar.  I break down for you the best ways to eat for greater energy and to get to your ideal weight.


Q. How much time will this program take?

A.  That depends on you.  I've designed this to take maybe 5 or 10 minutes a day.  I know that your time is very valuable.  That's why I've done all of the research and figured out what works.  I don't want you to waste time and not have any results to show for it! 


Q.  What if I try the program, and it's not for me?

A.  There's a 30 day moneyback guarantee, and you can cancel anytime after that. 

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