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I help women look and feel their best.  Want to get off the diet rollercoaster and back into your skinny jeans?

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"Jen has an amazing amount of knowledge on the mind/body connection. She is truly passionate about helping people. Jen shared with me the key to successful lifelong wellness, and it involves both mind and body. My family and I am truly grateful for my time with Jen."

Sue K.

"Jen has helped me deal with long engrained eating patterns with new information about food and health choices. With gentle persistence, she continues to remind me of my goals. I highly recommend working with Jen as a Health Coach."

RuthAnn U.

"When I started health coaching with Jennifer I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I discovered was a whole different way to approach living my life. I have learned that to lead a healthy life I need to look beyond just physical health and address the other issues that impact it – environment, stress, the foods I choose to eat, finances, exercise and mindfulness. Jennifer has given me the tools to do just that and, as a result, I feel better, am far less stressed and have lost more than 30 pounds (without dieting!). I will continue to use these tools every day as I go forward. I can’t tell you how grateful I am and how glad I am that I made the commitment. "

Susan M.

Recipes, Health Tips & Inspiration

3 Ingredient Energy Bites

Craving Something Sweet?   You crave something that’s a bit sweet, but isn’t going to give you a sugar high and then crash.  These little bites...

8 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Do you cringe every time someone sneezes or coughs by you? Do you dread every time your child comes home with a cold because you know your going to catch it too? Every time...

Red Lentil Chili

Weather in Michigan is always changing.  This past weekend it was sunny, beautiful and the thermometer hit 60 degrees.  But then a weather system moved in and...

Dark Chocolate Bars

I love chocolate. Dark chocolate has a ton of health benefits, but let’s face it…. it can be a bit bitter. That’s why I love this recipe! It has all the...

My Favorite Way to Detox

What Are the Best Ways to Detox? Honestly, when I think about going on a detox plan, I think of deprivation, not eating, or drinking nothing but juices.  The thought...

Is Organic Meat & Dairy Healthier?

We’ve all been there at the grocery store. You’ve got the choice between regular old ground sirloin and Organic ground sirloin. The organic’s got to be...

FREE Video Training Series: The Secret to Better Health (and a Better Body!) is all in your Head

Before you try another diet or exercise program, please watch this series. The secret to real, lasting change has nothing to do with what you eat or how you exercise and everything to do with how you think.

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